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Is this too far to go in "re-enacting".....?


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Why do people say "you have no right to judge people" ?


People judge other people everyday and everywhere. I make judgements regarding other people based on their behavior, history, attitude, performance, abilities, etc, etc. To say I have no right to judge people is to say I have no right to have free thought.


Now my judgements are personal, and my judgements decide my actions. My judgements are very real and ultimately define my opinions and determine who I associate with.


My judgements do not carry the effect of law, but my judgements of people are an important aspect to everyday living.


Please don't tell me I have no right to judge people. :)

You're absolutely right and I obviously spoke in haste while commenting in the context of this topic alone and not about how we normally go about our lives but if you read back over many of the comments you will read some rather harsh ones that are overly judgemental in a way most of us don't normally respond. The day to day way we judge people and situations is not the same as has been done here and it is that which I am really addressing. There are many youthful fledglings on this forum who can be influenced by how we who are older conduct ourselves and many of the comments I have challenged here might be contrary to how we are trying to influence these young men & women, or even those in our everyday interactions.

Of course what I say here can be considered in much the same vein as the rest of the participants on this topic which really means I don't need to be given anymore serious consideration than the next guy. I'm just an old guy with an equally strong opinion who probably should take a nap before posting.

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