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"Fortress Wales 2013"....photo-report (pic heavy!)


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This weekend was a Bank Holiday in the UK and time for the annual "Fortress Wales" show in the magnificent grounds of Caldicot Castle. It's a multi-period, living history event which includes everything from Medieval knights thru Napoleonics...American Civil War...Native Americans...WW1....WW2 allied and German...Vietnam and Afghanistan. There were also restored military vehicles on display and "live" action in the main arena throughout both days. The weather was perfect for such an outdoor event...early summer sunshine and clear blue skies! The various living history groups set up wonderful displays and they are to be commended for the time and effort they put into them...not to mention the expense!

As this is the USMF, I'll focus primarily on the US-themed displays, though I might sneak in a few others just to convey the flavour of the event as a whole! I took a lot of pics so please bear with me whilst I upload them. ( NB. The picture files were quite large so I had to reduce them into a forum-friendly format which has reduced their overall quality somewhat, but that's due to circumstances beyond my control...sorry!)


First up, the American Civil War....British-style! Two large encampments...Johnny Rebs at one end and Yankees at the other. Enjoy!


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Next up, Native Americans...representing the Blackfoot tribe. Each tipi takes about 7 hours to errect. The "indians" do their own beadwork and make their own buckskins and moccasins etc. Fantastic skills (and they are all Brits!)



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