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A good address for ww2 Jungle boots

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Hi everyone,


I search since few days a good address for buy a pair of ww2 reproduction jungle boots , for complete a early advisor uniform and a Jungle warfare Training Center impression during 50's-60's.

But i can't find a good address for find a pair... A friend of mine have a good address few time ago, but lost it when he lost his computer...

For exemple, here is a pic of researched model



Many thanks



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many thanks greaser! I'll get a pair right now, hope receive it before my 1st reenactment in advisor uniform

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Jungle Rot

I'd highly recommend those reproductions Greaser posted the link to, I've had a pair for about five months now with regular use, and I have to say they are very high quality. Post photos of your advisor impression once you have it complete!

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On the left in my avatar is Nick Collier, he based these boots off the original pair in his collection. He is also bringing out, WW2 and Black (including side zip) jump boots and will be expanding the line to include many 'rare' boots as time progresses! Okiboots.....you can't beat them! My pair from the test batch are bar none the most comfortable and toughest pair of boots around!




Unpaid and unsolicited testimony, for my Friend and brother!

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