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Jungle First Aid Kit - Euro Copy


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I found this one at a flea market in the netherlands.

I found it in one of my books. (Now i know where books are good for :D )

It says it is a jungle first aid.


But i still dont know if its ww2 ore vietnam ore other area because its ot stapmed. And the back extra strap looks like after war done.


WHo can help me?P1070892_zpsd548cb5d.jpgP1070891_zps4d51be5f.jpgP1070893_zps3c3d04f2.jpg

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Looks like a Dutch (or possibly Belgian?) post-war copy of the US one, judging by the fittings and the material.




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That's right, worn on the British web waist belt or whatever they call it.


Those prongs on the rear of this pouch like the Ammo pouches are inserted and thus attached into those little sleeves/inserts or whatever they called them on the rear of the belt. The little sleeves/inserts can be seen on the back of this British belt I posted.



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