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Amazing Japanese POW handwritten diary

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Late reply to this thread, but hoping someone can help me.    I'm writing a book with my friend about his father, 1Lt Chester K Britt who was on the Bataan Death March, spent 2-1/2 years in Camp O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Davao, then Bilibid, before going on the Oryoku Maru, Enoura Maru, Brazil Maru.   Arrived then at Fukuoka Camp #3, then finally Mukden before being liberated.  He died in 1953 due to health complications of being a POW when my friend was only 4.   Along the way we are touching on other men who Chester came into contact with as a soldier fighting on Bataan and also as a POW.   One of particular interest is Lt William Roy Bell.   He died 1/3/1945 while the Enoura Maru was in port at Takao.   On 11/2/1944 he wrote a final letter to his wife, daughter, and parents expecting they would go the next day on a ship to Japan.   He used the letter of a friend, Edgar Gable, to have something to write on.  That voyage was delayed and he later went on the Oryoku Maru in December.   If you look at the attached letter you will see it is very oddly folded.   No one has ever figured out how this letter made it home to his family.    Just a couple days ago then we found out about the incredible story of Lt Walter J Hinkle and his artificial leg with the secret compartment.   Then found the photos of the diary here on Militaria Forum.   Making multiple odd folds to hide such a letter inside a hollow leg with limited space would explain a lot.   Wondering if the diary has any mention of Lt Bell or Lt Britt?    Is there a site where the entire diary is posted so I can search for other names as well?     Thanks, John Duresky

Roy Bell last letter 1.jpg

Roy Bell last letter 2.jpg

Roy Bell last letter 3  censor stamp of Mr. Kubota.jpg

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I’ll PM you with a couple of people you’ll want to talk with. 

Hinkle had mentioned about trying to drop notes in bottles when near the shorelines while on the hell ships as I recall. That’s a possibility, or he just managed to get it smuggled out by some other means. They had to be creative. 

Rob M

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