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WWII or Korea Survival Kit?

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Started research on a kit my grandfather left me

He flew F4 Corsairs in Pacific Theater thru Korea for the US Navy

Picture attached, obviously some stuff missing


Any help would be appreciated


Pouch frontpost-116710-0-28493300-1367196975.jpg

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The survival kit was probably part of a pararaft kit or a backpad survival kit. The pararaft kit for the seat parachute harness was

located between the seat cushion and the parachute container on the harness assy. It contained the one man life raft and

survival equipment. A backpad survival kit, such as the M-592, was put on before the seat parachute assy. and had shoulder

straps and a chest release along with a rectangular container to hold survival contents. I will do some more research. There were

a few different types of pararaft kit types used by the USN/USMC during WWII. I believe the pararaft kit used during the Korean

War era was a PK-2 in olive drab (not sage green) nylon. It is also possible that late WWII pararaft kits were used during Korea.

There is a book titled One-Man Pneumatic Life Raft Survival Kits of World War II by Robert S. McCarter. It can be purchased


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The top kit is actually a PSK1 kit from the Korean War era. I don't think the compass and lite were original to the kit though. Only the second one I've seen. Very rare kit. The original is totally stuffed with assorted items and I thought the inventory list was printed on the lids. The second first aid kit is WW2 Navy but was probably used in Korea also. It was carried along with the Pararaft kit as the kit itself had no medical items with it.






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Thanks everyone for the input!


Survival, the inventory list is printed on top of each box, quite a bit is missing. I will see if I can get better pictures of the inventory list on each box and include those for reference.


What info I found about the compass indicates it is the following

COMP-24 World War Two Corps of Engineers GURLEY Made Lensatic Artillery Compass

Worth about $100 in decent condition


JustRite Mfg. Penlight has no model # on it so who knows

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