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Marine Recon patch - Vietnam


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Below is a composite picture of the front and back of our first Dunn'd Raiders, 2nd Platoon, Bravo Co, 1st Reconnaissance BN.


It was made about nov-Dec 1966 and was embroidered on a piece of what I think is ARVN cotton fatigue material by the local barber/tailor/souvenir/photo/VC Spy shop on the combat base. It was originally done as 15-20 patches on a large sheet of material and they were cut into two patch segments. I got mine when I arrived in Jan 67. I never sewed mine on my utilities and both are still on one piece of cloth (I cropped the other one out to make the picture small enough to fit the post).


The second patch we had done (my avitar is a thumbnail of it) was much more colorful. In fact so colorful we were not allowed to wear them on our utilities at all.



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Very nice patches Bill.Thanks for sharing.Always great to have the information from the source. twothumbup.giftwothumbup.gif



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