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Yes, it has been issued, the initials are "P.E.H." it was a flea market find in Indiana and I don't have any other info. The other pins were probably made during the war, The top two could date to WW I or WW II, the bottom one, with he black border, has a sliding catch that is generally noted as post WW I construction.

The top retangular pin appears hand engraved, the back is unmarked.

The middle retangular pin with two stars is marked "Sterling".

The bottom retangular pin is marked "10K".

As the retangular pins are not government issued, different makers came up with their own to sell, but they are based on the common "in service" pins and flags of that came about during WW I. I believe the black border one just further indicates mourning the dead.

Glad you like seeing them.


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Brian, Nice pins ! I've looked and looked for these style pins but have only been able to purchase the one I show here. I assume this is more a WWI version based on the style of pinback. Kim


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