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Looking for a picture of the Battle Flag of the USS Pintado SS-387


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I love the sub service from WWII, just usually not lucky enough to have much from it. Recently, though, I was lucky enough to grab a uniform from a man that was on this very interesting boat through some equally interesting events, and I'd like to see the ship's emblem and/or flag better. There is a website selling patches and decals, as well as on ebay, but they're a bit on the small side in terms of resolution and general clarity. I may pick up some of the trinkets available, but what I'd really like to see is a clear photo of an original, or maybe even a group shot of the crew around it like I have seen for Barb. Just something I can use to get a good idea of what the authentic emblem and flag would be. If I ever got time, I'd like to paint a large one for the door of the war room.


Heck, anything Pintado related would be cool. Was able to catch a news segment from a couple years back featuring a crewman of a B-29 that they fished out of the ocean, pretty darned amazing.

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