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95th Bomb Group 335th Bomb Squardon POW postcard

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POW postcard sent home by James G Peery Jr. He served with the 95th Bomb Group 335th Bomb Squadron and was shot down over Keil Germany during the submarine pen attack-June 13 1943- This was only his second mission -The plane he was shot down in did not have a nickname according to records from the 95th Bomb Group



Date Mission Target Aircraft Pilot Name Position Status 6/11/1943 8 Wilhelmshaven, Germany 23079 J.G. Peery Jr James G. Peery Jr Pilot 6/13/1943 9 Kiel, Germany 23206 J.G. Peery Jr James G. Peery Jr Pilot POW Name Rank Role Status Unit James G. Peery Jr Lt Pilot POW 335 Bomb Squadron Mission number mission date target 9 6/13/1943 Kiel, Germany 26 took off 14 completed 12 Damaged 10 Lost tail number & MACR 23206 - 4404 Over target with 3 engines feathered and the tail section damaged by flak, Aircraft left formation under control.



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From his NARA file: he was imprisoned as follows:


Stalag 7A Moosburg Bavaria 48-12 (Work Camps 3324-46 Krumbachstrasse 48011, Work Camp 3368 Munich 48-11)

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Thank you very much for the information! :D


I just realized that I linked to the post above the one about incoming mail, but I have fixed the link now.


Glad you found it interesting.

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Hey Thor. Have you contacted the 95th museum in England to see if they have any photos of Lt.Peery?

I sold them a grouping of 800 photos taken by a photographer for the 95th last year and there were many shots of pilots in the grouping. They are super nice there and will do whatever you need to help you with your research.

Take care.


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