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Arisan Maru civilian POW/KIA document group

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I realize this type of grouping is pretty rare, they don't come to market that often and there are no medals, however, could anyone give me a rough idea of what a fair market value for this grouping would be?


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Very interesting grouping and also somewhat rare. I just recently obtained a large grouping of letters from a Marine Sergeant who was a POW in the Philippines and was also on the Arisan Maru when it was torpedoed October 24, 1944. The letters were from him to his parents and to his fiance who he met in China while on Embassy Guard detail before being sent to the Philippines. I would estimate that this grouping that you have would be in the $150-$200 range. Just a guess though.



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My brief research indicates that Arthur G. Owens was an oiler on the US Army Tug HENRY KESWICK. If you do a search on Henry Keswick there is a nice report on the history of this vessel. This is a very very nice and rare group to a member of the US Merchant Marine. The award document if it is the original with seal is much scarcer than the actual Meritorious Service Medal. The award of the Purple Heart to members of the Merchant Marine was not common at all as in the vast numbers of wounded mariners the award was the Merchant Marine Mariners Medal. As Owens was employed by the Army Transportation Service he would have been under Army orders. This is a very fine group and Memorial to a brave seafarer. Obviously he would have been eligible for the POW medal as well as the Merchant Marine Combat Bar with one star, The Merchant Marine Pacific War Zone Bar and perhaps others including the Merchant Marine Victory Medal.

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