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Unknown Vietnam river boat unit

Bob Hudson

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The plaque has a few scratches, but that original painting of the boat is just too cool!



I know, that is really eye-catching!


In my opinion, you got the better of the two!

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I picked up the plaque with the boat today. The woman I bought it from used to be the next door neighbor of the officer named on the plaques./. I don't think she was the one who sold the plaque on ebay. I also got a set of mini medals which she says were also his. It has a Navy Good Conduct Medal so I'm thinking he was an enlisted man who was commissioned.




Here's a closeup of the hand-painted boat:





If you look below the wheel house, not sure if thats what its called I was AF & Army, you can see three ribbons, Nat Defense, Vn Svc, & Vn CMP.Great detail.

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