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My military collection

Jr. Collector

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Your collection looks very nice,and I know you have posted it before but your 12th Air Force ike jacket is just fantastic!(ok as an AAF collector I'll admit I'm biased!) .



Collecting WWII and pre-war Air Corps items-Unit Histories,Uniforms,Medals and Groupings.

*Seeking Pre-WWII Air Corps Officers and Enlisted Dress Uniform items!*




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Thanks so much for sharing! You've got some great items. I'm partial to the Alaskan Defense Command Ike jacket.

Matthew Hollis


In memory of my cousin:

Corp. Joseph Ivan McWhorter

B/1/7 1st MarDiv



Always looking for items associated with 1st Battalion / 7th Marines / 1st Marine Division during World War II



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Jr. Collector

It's that toothpaste-like tube a gun oil?

No it's petrolatum. It's and ointment that helps get rid of things like rashes
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