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Tutorial for cropping and resizing with FREE PhotoScape

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This is my first tutorial so it's not perfect but it should have you cropping and resizing your pictures in no time.


The pictures I have posted on this forum were edited with PhotoScape. I have other photo editors (Photoshop) but prefer to use this fast, simple and FREE software that has a lot of editing features.


Use Windows and want to try it? Here's the link: http://www.photoscap.../main/index.php


1 Download and install PhotoScape.

2 From your PC programs menu, open PhotoScape and then click on Editor.

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3 Click on the folder where your picture is saved.

4 Click on your picture and it will pop into the edit screen.

5 Click on the crop tab.

6 Move your cursor above and to the left of your item, hold down on the left mouse key and drag your cursor toward and past the bottom right area of your item and release the mouse key.

7 Click on crop.

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13 Place your cursor on the slider handle, hold down on the left mouse key and drag the slider handle to a size of 150 KB or less. Then click OK.


Note: You need to release the left mouse key to see the size at the different positions on the slide bar. You can also just click at different spots on the slide bar instead of dragging the handle.


14 Close PhotoScape and upload your picture.

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I just downloaded PhotoScape from their site. Now my computer is full of junk and hundreds of pop ups. Run away.


I don't know what you downloaded but I've never heard of anyone having problems with "junk and hundreds of pop ups" from downloading and using this program.

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I downloaded it straight from their site and my computer was immediately infested. As soon as the download completed I had pop ups every second and six unwanted programs. I got those deleted, fixed changes to my registry and got control back but it took a lot of time.


Now that the malware is gone, photoscape works fine for compressing.



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Getting the size down to postable limits is a function of resolution, NOT "size".....you can save a 1.5Mb picture at low resolution and it will still look good and only take up about 600K...THEN you can reduce the size to 50% and it will still be a large picture and under the posting limits.




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