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Pineapple Aero Squadrons Luke Field T.H. 1920-30's

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...more from the 2nd Observation Group, 6th Aero Squadron Luke Field (now Ford Island) 1920, Territory of Hawaii. The first US Army Air Service permanent organization in the islands prior to the Hawaiian Division.


Honolulu Harbor 1920, note the Navy Cruiser at the Aloha Tower piers and the power plant, Bishop street, the commercial hub of Honolulu, now all highrise towers.

19 lg.jpg

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Neat photos! Looks like "rough" service to me! My father was Air Force and we lived there from 1964-67. Hickam was very busy at that time, 24/7. I haven't been back since then but I remember quite a few of the landmarks in the photos. Thanks for posting these.

WW1 American items donations always appreciated!

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Back to work again in the peacetime army in Hawaii

Great thread! Can you make out the cap badge that the sergeant is wearing? It doesn't look like an enlisted badge.


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Not enough sharpness in these old snapshots unfortunately, but it looks like an officers cap he used for the photo to me, note they're also wearing sidearms


1920 aerial view of Honolulu with Diamond Head in the background. In the foreground is Punchbowl crater, long before it was the National Cemetery of the Pacific

43 Diamond Head from Punchbowl lg.jpg

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....wish the resolution and angle was better on this one so we could see the 1920 wings. Anyone have any info on the pilot?


Identified on the reverse as "Lt. Elliott and Ford Flivvers at Luke Field 1920" Nice hand operated "Oooooogah!" air horn

55 LT Elliott & Ford Flivvers 1920 Luke Field lg.jpg

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Salvage Sailor thank you for posting your terrific early photographs! I recently picked-up a photo album full of Luke Field images and surrounding area, but dated a few years later (1924-1925). Here's a similar photo of Punchbowl Crater with Navy Band members in the foreground and Diamond Head in the distance.




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Back to work


Private Vine and Curtis JN-4D Jenny


Good afternoon. These are DH.4s. Same with posts #3 & 6.




WWI Aero Squadron items such as insignia, uniforms & my favorite- PHOTOS! Will purchase or work out a possible trade

HIGHLY SOUGHT- Anything related to the AEF Photo Sections or 85th,258th & 278th Aero Squadrons.

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This Aug. 18, 1924 dated aerial photograph includes a small caption: "11th Photo Section, Ilio Point & Makanalua Peninsula, Molokai, from W. 7000 Ft." Check out the sister Bi-plane ahead of the photographer... twin engine?

IMG_05491 (1024x768).jpg



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