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unkown star

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won this off ebay it was being sold as an "WW2 AMERICAN GENERAL'S STAR - NEVER PRESENTED" but i have my doubts does anyone here know what it might be ?


thanks in advance for any help sigpic741_5.gif




Regards Nick


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NOpe not American, and I can't id the exact type, however you do often find Italian stars in stuff brought back from Italy, but this seems to be a higher quality that ones I have.

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thanks jgawne i had a feeling its not US its been suggested Russian maybe ??


sorry if this has encroached on the forum rules please remove if this is the case.


Regards Nick


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it's definitely not russian.


Greetings from Germany,


Always looking for items and groupings related to the 1st ID Wuerzburg/Franconia, 69th ID, U.S. Mission to Moscow, CBI & OIF 2003-2004


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