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Denmark ranks on Gemsco card

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These Captain ranks came from the estate of a USAF pilot (who was a Captain between 1969 and 1977).
They were sealed in a beat-up plastic wrapper that I opened for photographing. To my surprise, the hallmark is for Denmark, whereas the card is from Gemsco.

I have no reason to believe this was tampered with, as the card was sealed, and part of a huge group. Does it mean that Gemsco purchased the ranks from Denmark and marketed them under their own name?

Also, when did they start making rank insignia that are not 1/20 SF?



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The date given for the discontinuing of 1/20 SF badges of all types that were made 1/20 SF is said to be 1975. No idea though as to why Demark badges would be put on Gemsco cards.

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