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Kansas City Military Collectors Club annual show displays


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Liberty and other patches

Was this group for sale or just for display?

I got some years ago a grouping of a VA-881 pilot (his helmet + mask, his g-suit and his flightsuit with the squadron patch). Very difficult to find any information about this reserve squadron. Even USN Museum seems to have not any information about this unit.



Thank you for sharing with us.

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Nothing was for sale here, it was the clubs annual display show. As for that squadron, we have a couple guys in the club that collect and know stuff about them. If you have anything you are specifically looking for, contact me and I will see if I can dig something up for you.

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Great display! Like the "foreign" side.


Yes, the KCMCC displays also include "foreign" militaria as we have local Kansas City club members who collect other than US material and display the same at our annual display only shows. Here is a thread on the 2014 display show that may also be of interest. In the background you will see some foreign military camo uniforms that were brought back by a club member who is also an active duty US Naval Officer that he picked up while in a foreign country on embassy assignment. These would certainly be in the nature of a legitimate "bring back."




Of course, since this is the US MIlitary Forum we normally do not allow the discussion of "foreign" militaria unless it is in the nature of GI "bring backs" or in the course of discussing something else that is US related. Something else in the form of this club display for instance. ^_^


For instance, I collect uniforms from various military police organizations such as the US Constabulary (that was my club display shown earlier on this thread). However, my interests are not only with US police units but with German, Japanese, and Italian as well. As part of the discussion of this 2014 display... here are a couple of photos of his Afghan uniforms and my Cold War Volkspolizei display to show the diversity of items in the annual displays.

KCMCC 2014 Afgan unif.JPG

KCMCC 2014 DDR medals.JPG

KCMCC 2014 DDR pistols.JPG

KCMCC 2014 DDR Grenzpol.JPG

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