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LSM 417 history


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Does anybody know what WWII actions/operations LSM 417 may have taken part in? I know it served in the Pacific Theater and was sold to Chile post war. I haven't been able to find out much else.

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GO up to the pinned section and look in the Dictionary of naval fighting ships, one of the volumes covers landing ships by hull number.

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Salvage Sailor

Here ya go.......from the War Diaries. Don't see any Pacific Theater service though it may have been post-war. Looks like she spent her wartime career working as a transport and test shuttle for Mine Warfare.



Fourth Naval District – Navy Yard Philadelphia December 1st, 1944

U.S.S. LSM-417, which was constructed by the Dravo Corporation, Wilmington, Del., arrived at 1405, in tow of the YTB-395, for commissioning and fitting out. This vessel was placed in commission at 1452 and turned over to her Commanding Officer, Lieutenant (jg) Richard S. Scott, U.S.N.R.


January 26th, 1945 Arrived Norfolk Navy Yard


War Diary Service Squadron Five – Atlantic Fleet


Under command of SERVRON FIVE

February 1945 BuShips Tests – LSM sent to Naval Mine Warfare Test Station, Solomon’s Island, for temporary duty on the 6th. ETA Norfork 5 March.

March 12th, 1945 – LSM-417 (with ComServRon FIVE representative aboard acting as OTC), went to Wolf Trap Magnetic Range for special tests. The tests concluded on March 25th and she returned to Norfolk.

May 1945 – On the 2nd she was with the Landing Craft Training Flotilla at Chesapeake Bay, then LSM-417 was sent back to NMWTS for temporary duty in connection with BuShips tests.

June 1945 - LSM-417 At NMWTS working for BuShips.

July 1945 - LSM-417 At NMWTS working for BuShips.


July 1945 – Commander Landing Craft Training Flotilla US Atlantic Fleet - ….LSM-417 scheduled to report upon completion of training duties with LSM Flotilla Eleven.


(But she obviously went back to SERVRON FIVE and was detached to the Mine Warfare test station)

August 1945 – LSM-417 At N.M.W.T.S. working for BuShips.

29 August 1945 LSM-417 at Chesapeake Bay with Landing Craft Training Flotilla

24 September 1945 – LSM-417 transporting sea mines, loaded at the Naval Mine Depot Pier

November 1945 – LSM-417 transporting materials for NMWTS

28 January 1946 – LSM-417 departed Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

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Interesting. Navsource.org says:




USS LSM-417 was transferred to Chile and named Aspirante Morel (LSM-31) Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons


Precedence of awards is left to right

American Campaign Medal - Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal - World War II Victory Medal


LSM-1 Class Landing Ship Medium:

  • Laid down (date unknown) at Dravo Corporation, Wilmington, DE.
  • Launched (date unknown)
  • Commissioned USS LSM-417, 30 November 1944, LT. Richard S. Scott, Jr., USNR in command
  • During World War II LSM-417was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater
  • Decommissioned, 17 March 1947
  • Struck from the Naval Register (date unknown)
  • Transferred, 20 March 1947, to Chile, named Aspirante Morel (LSM-31)
  • Decommissioned by Chilean Navy in 21 June 1957
  • Final Disposition, scrapped in 26 June 1958


Somebody messed up I guess.

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Salvage Sailor

Easy error to make.


LSM Flotilla Eleven was assigned to the PTO, but LSM-417 was detailed to special (temporary) duty with NWMTS/BuShips and never made it overseas before the end of hostilities.


Found this entry under the Landing Craft Training Flotilla war Diary for July 1945 (the same organization which was to detail her to Flotilla Eleven upon completion of training).


"....July 26 1945, LSM-417 reported for Temporary Duty....."

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Salvage Sailor

It really depends upon the type of information you're researching. I find it very useful for USN research as no other site has ready access to Navy after action reports, war diaries, muster rolls, etc., of smaller vessels & in particular auxiliaries. Most open sources are focused upon big gun vessels or birdfarms. Were I only using it for a few ships or commands, then it wouldn't be cost effective, but I'm using it for research on all of "our" ships for NAFTS plus their associated diving & salvage commands.

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I collect only navy items and mostly uniforms from Amphib ships so I'm all ways trying to find history and action reports of the ships associated with the uniforms. Maybe I will give it a try.



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