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M5 Assault Gas Mask & Bag


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This is my M7 bag, marked ''TELCO'' inside. One button is broken and there are 2 stamps on the straps you can see in the photo.


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Anyone have a 4-press snap M7 bag that they'd be looking to possible sell? PM me if so. Looking for the "Assault" markings. Thanks.



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The mask is marked DRC '44. Judging by the ticks (pimples) on the dial, it corresponds with mid-1944.


How does one interpret the pimples on the dial in order to determine date of production? I'd like to figure out when my mask was produced and the dial stampings are confusing.

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I see a 1952 date on that filter.



The 1952 stamp to me is a reinspection stamp.Often things pulled from storage are inspected for service/defects and re stamped with date of inspection.I have a couple filters where they wrote the dates on the filter with pencil,1948 and 1949.


I have a a half dozen filters marke M11 and pick them up when i see them.I also have two marked E3 and 44 dated.Some are light grey and others are dark.

Always intrested in the filter markings and the dates if known or how to positively date them.

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