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blood chit

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Discolouration (slight yellowing) and other stains...signs of it being used ( stitch holes/ loose threads)...creases....an "old" smell...issue number....quite a number of different factors really.







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I would buy or borrow the book by Bob Baldwin titled Last Hope, The Blood Chit Story It shows almost every Blood Chit from WW2. About 75 per cent of them on E Bay are reproductions...



Exactly what I was going to say. Buy the book if you're interested in buying bloodchits. It's the only book you will need on the topic. It shows nice photos of correct stampings and markings that were done on different chits.

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I purchased Baldwin's book, an huge aid in this "incredible" world of the Chits. I do own presently about twenty Blood Chits. most of them from the so-called "souvenir Chits" when made in customized form by a multitude of local India - China artisans (among mine, my preferred one was owned by a P-40K pilot of 16th Fighter Squadron, 51st Fighter Group in China 1943-44).

But be aware, reproductions today do exist both of the "souvenirs" and of the regularly Govt.-made ones. It's difficult to exactly tell what to see at, when purchasing one... Sabrejet is 100% right in writing his post, I can add the genuine Chit almost "talk to you" somehow...


Cheers, Franco.

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