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Vietnam era and up extraction harness ?


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Hi ,

I need a little help on this one. It appears to ba an USAF (by the Lt. blue-green color)extraction harness. It has what appears to be 3 dates it was inspected 1972 and 1980. The date appears to be when the original owner as the name inside and initials on the webbing all appear to be made at the same time . That being aside, what exactly is this and how was it worn ? Is it a crew or pilot item ? when would it date to ? The first date showing up is 1968. It appears to be update every time it was inspected. Some of the attachment pieces are dated in the 70's. Does it attach to other survival equipment ? Does it have any value as is ? I know , alot of questions but this thing is way out of my collecting realm.

Thanks alot, Mitch


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