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.30 Carbine Bullet Tip Colors


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While going through my old collection of US military bullets, looking for an orange tipped tracer to compare with the carbine ammo posted earlier, I came up with some of the more interesting rounds I collected years ago. Does anybody know if there is any interest in collecting US ammo today? I've had these in an old Army footlocker in the garage for 30 years and haven't really messed with them, so was wondering if they're tradeable or sellable? Man, I've got a bunch! What are the laws concerning mailing bullets and such?


If I remember correctly, this Lake City 45 headstamped round was referred to as a "flangible" round? Is that what they were? I understand they were made from porcelain or clay or something or other and were for practice only. When the bullet hit something hard, it would "poof" into a small gray cloud of dust, so the shooter could see where he was hitting? Am I close?



I know I am late to this party but I thought I would add because I did not see their actual use in the thread.......

"Frangible" ammunition was used in training Army air corp gunners the idea was it would not puncture the aluminum

skin on the target drone just ding it......


I wanted to post about the tracer ammo in the carbine magazine also.....


First this may have been done in the field I doubt the military would do long term storage of pre loaded ammo as

the springs would "set" and you would have a very useless magazine full of ammo.....


Also using tracer with an IR scope would defeat the prupose the man using it would Blind his scope from the

tracer element loseing time waiting for things to adjust back to normal


just some observations......

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