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"Coffin Lid" LT and CPT bars


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Darryl, I know where yours came from...so I assume Marines/Navy used coffin bars, too?


Apparently so... and in the thread http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...st&p=247808 there is a set of false braid Capt bars and a single Chinese made Capt bar.


Upon getting the file from St Louis, I found this document, so apparently the unmarked set were those he bought from Horstman while at Parris Island

s/f Darrell



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couple more. got these with a group of Span-Am or earlier Army insignia and M20 enlisted EGAs...unmarked


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Another one of today's finds. C clasp, no markings that I can detect. Can anyone help me with a time frame or maker? Thanks, Al Hirschler in Dallas.



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