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.45 ACP Ammunition Crate, 1918

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Bonjour Colt.




Your.45 crate is awsome! How and where did you find that?



A friend found in a dumpster outside a house under construction. The "wing bolts" come from field research. This fund is not common in our.


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Thanks for the feedback. The wood crate this ammo is in is just a little wider than the length of a 20 round box of 1911 .45acp. There was enough room between the ends of the boxes and the wall of the crate to get some cushion material inserted. I wish I would have looked at the crate to see if it had stenciling or not and also to have counted the number of boxes it held. I saw no metal lining. I may see it again next weekend and if so I'll take a closer look. Thanks again.

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