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looking for a reenacting group...

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Guest jarhead

Hi im jar head I am 13 and am looking for a second world war reenacting group in ny looking for fresh recruits. I have a full uniform mostly but am missing a pair of boots and bandolieer(if thats how you spell it) and am not old enough to carry fire arms but would have no problem being a medic. so i am open to everyone and all suggestions.




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Sorry to rain on your parade, but for tactical events I do not know of any event that will allow less than 16yr olds into the field. Liability being the reason.


You are young, and eager.. get your impression right. As you mature maybe there will be a different aspect rather than an infantry unit that will peak your interest. Get the paperwork, rations, tactics etc down. Thats what the hobby needs.... people who relive the minutia... not just cap busting. Get a girlfriend interested in Red Cross or mechanic, radio or music or something.

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At 13 years old I would'nt advise getting into a unit unless possibly your father were involved. Theres a lot of liability issues that can come into play not only at tactical events but also if you were to be hurt at a living history event. The group that you would be involved with (specificly the CO) would be totaly responsible for you. Wait a while, keep collecting, reading and reasearching!





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you could start your own reenacting group with your friends, all it would take is a small group of guys around your age to get together


maybe start off with air soft guns or paint ball games

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A few Revolutionary War and Civil War units I'm in allow you to work as a part of a gun crew if your certified at that age, but in my years of reenacting I've never seen them let them do combat infantry. Especially on national park service grounds, it is a major liability issue.


Paintball is a very bad idea with WWII gear. Airsoft can be quite fun, but also can add a lot in costs to your gear (airsoft Lee-Enfields are, last time I checked, about $1200, just to give you an idea of the cost associated with it). Also, if your doing WWII airsoft, there is a WWII Airsoft Association (they have a website) up in Chicago which plays frequently. All though I beleive you also have to be 16 to participate in their 'combat' events.



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