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I'm trying to figure out what my great-uncle's "job" was in D/175. He was a staff sergent and was KIA on 18 June 1944.


I was looking at the 29th ID morning reports summary, and my great uncle was listed as having MOS 653. I looked at the TO&E 7-18 for a Heavy Weapons Company dated 26 Feb 1944 as amended by TM12-427 dated 12 Jul 44, and 653 is not listed. Next, I looked in the TM and it says 653 was replaced by 1607 and 605. 1607 is a Heavy Mortar Crewman and 605 is a Heavy Machine Gunner.


MOS 653 was a squad leader and 652 was a section leader.


Given that in June 1944 my great-uncle was a Staff Sergeant and he was a MOS 653, then per the Feb 1944 TO&E he would have been in the 81-mm Mortar Platoon not one of the Heavy Machine Gun Platoons. Reason being is that the machine gun squad leaders were sergeants where the mortar squad leaders were staff sergeants.






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