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Went to an auction this past Friday night. I usually just take a little cash just in case they have something interesting. Well I walked in a immediately saw a table of guns (eg dbl barrel shotguns, etc.). Got a number and walked over and immediatly saw an M1 Garand. Looked it over ~ it was nice but nothing great. As I was putting it down I saw it ~ I picked it up and noticed the early flip sights then the early push safety, then the early mag release. Took out my flashlight and the barrel has awsome rifling some of the best I've seen. Lady working said the guns would be auctioned off in about 1 hour. I dorve back home at a high rate of speed (I usually putz everywhere I go). Went into the house and my wife through something had happened. I told her I needed checkbook ASAP ~ she gave it to me and out the door I went. Well I ended up getting it at a little higher price than I hoped but its a good investment. Will be worth a few $$ for my son or grandson and in the meantime I get to enjoy it. This is my 3rd M1 carbinge and this one has really got me excited. Took it apart last night to clean and it is mint for a 70 year old rifle. I need to get a copy of Larry Ruths War Baby to really get an idea of what I got.


It has a 9-43 barrel and the receiver date puts it in 10-43 ~









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those little war babies are nifty. looks nice






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