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WW1 5 Bar Victory Medal

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Here is a WW1 5 bar victory medal that was in the medal group I got yesterday, not sure if this goes with the Silver Star I posted in another thread, would think it would but the picker I got the stuff from couldn't remeber what went with what, also had a BB&B Transportation corp sterling pin and a WW1 EK2 with it. But anyow, this is a pretty neat one, anyone ever see the first bar on there for "Montdidier-Noyon"? I think this is a 1st Division medal.





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Yes, US 1st Divsion.



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Thank you.

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Here is what the historyofwar.org says about Noyon-Montdidier:


"The Battle of Noyon-Montdidier, 9-13 June 1918, was the fourth of General Erich von Ludenfoff's great offensives of the spring and summer of 1918 that came close to breaking the Allied lines on the western front, but instead critically damaged the fighting capacity of the German army."

Will Twomey

In Honor of:

USA General John Wickham (1928-)

USAF Colonel Bernie Fisher MOH (1927-2014)

USMC Sergeant Al De Vito (Chosin Reservoir Survivor) (1926-)

USA Cpl. Macedonio Leyba (Bataan Death March survivor) (1917-2007)












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LOVE the medal! Excellent find!

Looking for vintage Pre-WWII campaign miniature medals, shoot me a message if you've got any to spare!!


Also looking for these vintage miniatures:


Presidential Medal for Merit

Silver Lifesaving Medal

Gold Lifesaving Medal

NC-4 Medal (mini) And miniature version- FOUND!!

Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal

Purple Heart- FOUND!!

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