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Guest Brenguncarrier

Hi Guys I would like to invite everyone to check out our Web Site. www.marlborovolunteersinc.com We are a Military History Club in Alliance Ohio. We have over 120 members and represent all US Wars from the French and Indian War to the present. We put on a Ride Through History every September at the former WW2 Taylorcraft Aviation Plant 1/2 mile North of Alliance. We have 330 Acres there with 2 . 1800Ft. Asphale runways. One runway we do our Ride Through History on and we load 100 people up in the back of 5 21/2 ton Army trucks and take them on a 40 minute ride where they see a Rev.War Camp, next Civil War Artillery is Firing off, next they see a WW1 trench System. them a WW2 Battle with US Soldiers attacking a German Bunker. next a Korean War Camp. them a Vietnam Battle in a Rice paddie. We can also host Tactical Re-enactments at our site. Thanks for reading this Don Shaffer

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