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Bram.T Collection


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Hello everyone,

I have already read a lot of topics on this forum but i have never posted anything untill today, so I thought that it would be a good idea to start with a topic about my collection.

I try to focus my collection on the personal items that the common GI could have carried with him during the war. I also collect 35th Inf. Div. items, mainly because I am a member of a reenactment group called the 35th Infantry Division Belgium.

So here it goes:










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My latest project:

I'm trying to make a display that is based on the first GI in this photo of the 35th Inf. Div. in Lutrebois (near Bastogne).


Since it's not that clear what equipment he is wearing, i have improvised a little. I still need a second medic brassard, a litter and a pair of Shoe Pacs to finish this project.





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norwegian blue


really nice, clean cut display and collection! Nothing distracts the eye, only good stuff, displayed with taste...

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That is a very tasteful display. I would love to do something along these lines for PTO sailors (shipboard and shoreside)...but that is a spendy endeavor.

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What can I say, it's clean, neat, attactive and well done! You can be proud!!

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  • 1 month later...

New items from this month :).


All of the new items in place



A wooden table with sewing machine that I bought at a Flea market in Antwerp.



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Bram. T, you have done a great job presenting your mannequins and artifacts. The photography is very good also. Thanks

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A VERY clean and well organized display room! LOVE IT! I enjoy seeing collections pertaining to one Division or unit.


I will keep my eye out for 35th Division items for you!

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Jumpin Jack

Hello Bram,


What I like about our Belgium collector friends is their attention to detail, and well defined collections. I live in the land of the 35th Infantry Division (Kansas), but being a general collector, I don't zero in on material of the 35th. You have done very well! Jack Angolia

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