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Tank Helmet M1938, need help !


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Hi everyone,


It's been a while I have not posted anything on USMF because I've not enough time to it.

I've just bought this Tank helmet M1938 in its original box, made by Rawlings.






Of course, I'll write a page on this helmet on my website, that you can read a preview at this page :



I need some pictures of each producer caracteristics, like ream double stitching for Sears, Spalding and Wilson fabrication.

Can you provide me some pictures of communication equipment ?

And some pictures of a beautiful Rawlings Clark helmet ?

Each photo in high resolution and white background :-)


Thanks for your precious help.

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I took out my Rawlings tanker helmet with communication set. Feel free to use the picture on your website if you want to use it. R14 receivers which I coupled with a Western Electric cable.



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