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Some Sadaam Posters I Brought Back


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Hello everyone. I served in Iraq from March 2004-March 2005 as an Infantryman with the 1st Cavalry Division. Unfortunately I did not bring back a lot of "spoils of war" and I intentionally stayed away from all of the souvenir items specifically made to be sold in the shops to soldiers. One thing I did bring back was a group of large Saddam Hussein posters I found with a cache. I gave several of them away over the years so I only have four or five left but I thought you guys might enjoy looking at them. post-6201-0-51866900-1361300459.jpg

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Great hard to find items!! I used to like finding the old Sadaam murals with the faces scratched off and mickey mouses head replacing it, lol!!





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Thanks for looking guys. I remember all those defaced murals of Sadaam, I wish I would have taken more pictures of those while I was over there.

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