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Walther .22 brought back from WWII

Niner Alpha

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A good friend of my father was a Major at the end of WWII in the Signal Corps in Europe. He gave my father a Walther 22 that he came by in some way. It was made before the war and certainly would have been a privately owned arm. It has a mysterious melted streak on the handgrip. For the life of me I can't think of the man's actual first name. He was just Bubba Carter to my father. He also gave my father an album that he made up as a scrapbook. German money, photos, other odds and ends. My father must have given it to one of my brothers children. But....I got the pistol.


"Bubba" Carter and the pistol he gave my father more than sixty years ago.



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Great pistol , PPK 7.65 mm/32 ACP . The PPK L post WW II from the early fifties was the 22 . Hitler shot himself with his PPK .32 Hope this helps you , get some ammo and give it a go , this is one fine weapon . .



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This pistol is an original pre-war/wartime .22 caliber Walther PP. The frame and barrel are longer than the on the PPK or PPK L. Interestingly, the pistols were marked "Cal. 22" (like this one is) which is actually based on inches, not a metric measurement. These Walther PP in .22 are quite rare and can retail for $700-$1000 depending on condition. Here is a link to a pre-war .22 Walther PP being sold by Simpson Ltd. just as a reference: http://www.simpsonltd.com/product_info.php?cPath=156_164&products_id=17147&osCsid=455fccc1752d329cd0ec052ff807a360 You can clearly see the slide legend on this pistol if you use the zoom feature.


This is quite a neat bring-back piece. Thanks for sharing.

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It has the Nitro crown mark on it. No Nazi marks at all. Has to have been made years before the war. The serial number is only six digits.


It was my dad's home defense gun. He prized it. I'll never part with it and wil leave it to my son......not because it came back from WWII but because it was my father's.


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You know after the war Manurhin in France played a large part in getting Walther going again. The original German Walther plant was in the Russian occupation zone right after the war and they were out of business. The French were the only ones making Walther's guns under license, for a while. By 1986 when Manurhin stopped making the PP and PPK's Walther was back again and in business in Ulm. It was a good deal for both Manurhin and Walther. Now days I think all PP's and PPk"s are made in the US by Smith and Wesson.



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Very nice family heirloom never sell inherited firearms they are a great thing to pass on

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