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What kind of Ejection Seat and for what Aircraft

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always wanted an ejec seat for my desk chair....

Bail, Loop... Potato, Patato...


RIP to all the brave men who were claimed by the jungle.

Sandy and crew, rest well my brothers,

Hey blue, you were a good dog you....

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The seat appears to be a Martin-Baker GRU-7 or GRUEA-7 used in the Grumman A-6/EA-6A Intruder or

EA-6B Prowler. It replaced the Martin-Baker GRU-5 seat in the A-6/EA-6A Intruder. The GRU-7A used

in the F-14A and F-14B is similar. The Rigid Seat Survival Kit and Seat-Survival Kit Units would be

the RSSK-7, SKU-2/A, or SKU-12/A. The parachute assy. is the NES-14 series. The seat may need the

leg restraint garters and inert underseat rocket motor assy. The pilot mannequin is wearing a USAF

HGU-55/P in USN/USMC service, VF-213 Black Lions blue CWU-73/P USN flightsuit, GS/FRP-2 sage green

Nomex flight gloves, and USN/USMC MBU-14/P oxygen mask.

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Thanks for all the response guys. Now I know what it is and from what plane it was from. Thanks Northcoastaero that was a very detailed description of all the gear and equipment in the photo. You are very knowledgeable about this area of militaria.

Anyway, a friend sent me photos of these ejection seats he saw at a junk yard. What kind are they and from what aircraft. They look pretty old and incomplete.


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Some additional information: The parachutes used with the F-101 late in its career would be the BA-22 and BA-24. I am uncertain about the ballistically spread and forced deployed chutes also. The seat

survival kit could be the 140000-64 (upgraded CNK-11/P) with the cutout in the front and the 140000-??

with no cutout in the front, similar to the F-102 seat kit.

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