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US No. 1372 knife?


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Just found this knife at a thrift store. Looks identical to a TL-29, but is marked US, No. 1372. The maker mark reads, H & J. W. King, 1856 New York on both blades. Blades are a little ground down, but thought it was an interesting knife. I honestly don't believe it is from 1856, but is this possibly a WWI electricians knife. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.





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Yeah, I figured it was part of tat same kit. However my collectors guide for the TL-29 does not show these markings or manufacturer for WWII electricians knives. I read that the WWII TL-29s were based on a WWI version. My real question, is has anyone heard of these knives designated as No. 1372. Thanks for the reply.

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