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Lend Lease M1 Garand


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Thank you for the nice comments.

The reason it looks so nice is because it went to England and was probably used for guard duty or merely stored until the end of the war.

Then it was sent back in excellent condition.

I have a nice Garand I got from the CMP a couple of years ago in just as nice shape.

It is a 1950's H&R.

It was a Greek return.

Again, it was sent to Greece and likely never used then shipped back.

The rifle is like brand new.

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Mine's in the 728,XXX range, and the South Koreans rode her hard and put her away wet. Still shoots pretty nice up to 200 yards for me though. Good score for a 14 year old kid in about 1994.


The subject of this post makes my mouth water, though. I think I need a new stock.

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Thank you fellas for the kind remarks.

And to answer your question M1Grandy, it is a short channel stock.

Here is the data sheet which I don't usually share but WTH.


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Corpl. Cleaver

Okay, I have to ask a stupid question...

I'm worn out from 2 long days of work with only 2 hours sleep, so maybe I'm just missing something. haha


What makes this a lend lease rifle?

My M-1 is a little earlier at 272XXX



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The fact that it went to England and then was returned to the US.

You can tell by the export marks in this photo on the side of the barrel.

Not import marks but EXPORT marks from England (London to be exact).


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