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USMC Aviator gear

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I found this over the weekend for $40, it was in a box of uniform items and gear from a current Marine Aviator. The lady at the shop said the guy who brought it in had a flight helmet, a few jump suits that were green, brown, and "that funny square camouflage", boots, and some other stuff in the box. Since last weekend, when he brought it in, people came in and pieced out all the stuff except for this harness and a few clothing items, a PT sweatshirt, long john bottoms, socks, etc. It sure would've been nice to get the flight helmet as well, or at least a flight suit to keep some of it together......oh well.


It's unused, and came with a radio pocket, knife pocket, and 5 general purpose pockets, all unused.





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The AIRSAVE survival vest with the harness is mostly used by USN/USMC helicopter aircrews and aircrews

that did not use the PCU-33/P or PCU-56/P torso parachute harness in aircraft such as the P-3 Orion,

and possibly the C-2A Greyhound, C-130, etc. I believe the Army used the AIRSAVE survival vest

sometime in the past.

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