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Threaded grenade bottoms


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Coconut Harry

9/16 12 (coarse)


Top thread is the same as the bottom thread.





This is correct for all US WW2 "MkII" grenades....but in case anyone is interested in small history details, our first "pineapples" the WWI "MkI" 32 segment (8 rows of 4 segments) grenade body had a smaller 3/8" filling hole on the bottom, and 9/16" fuze threads, and then in mid to late WWI, the same 32 segment bodies were changed slightly in shape and also to a 9/16" filling hole, (the same as the fuze threads)....


.....and then again.....in very late WWI they changed the grenade bodies completely to the now familiar 40 segment bodies (8 rows of 5 frag segments) the type that most people for the last 80+yrs associate with US "pineapples" .....


all 3 WWI types are shown below....(although I had to make 3 posts to show the pics...I wish some time the Admins. might consider allowing more than one photo per post...just a suggestion :mellow: )




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For anyone who is interested, I found the answer to the WWI MKI grenade question I asked last week concerning the difference in plug thread size. I appears it was already addressed in a much earlier post. - Jeff

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