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AH 64 Helmet and Bag circa 1980s complete

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To Joe Bailey- Current issue price on an IHADSS Helmet is around $16,000. However, it likely isnt compatable with the current lot of aircraft as the internal sensor harness has gone thru a number of mods and upgrades and might not even send a valid signal to the Sight Sensor Units in the Aircraft.


There is some conjecture that China has somehow managed to clone or perhaps "procure" a Longbow (possibly any one of a number of ACFT that we crashed in Afghanistan), so you could consider visiting your local Chinese consulate to see if they would buy it but you may want to talk to Eddie Snowden first to see how he is doing.





The sensors on the new IHADSS XXI helmet arent even optical and use an HGU-56P helmet as the platform.


To anyone who has posted pics of the old Riggers Helmet Bags, I had mine stolen about a year ago while I was out at MCAS Yuma and I would love to get my hands on a replacement. Even if all youre willing to part with is the accessory bag, Ill take what I can get and piece it together over time. There was one that sold on ebay about 6 months ago that only sold for $41. I will willingly pay more than twice that for a complete bag in good condition. Please contact me if you are willing to sell!



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I am interested in finding a insurance value on my helmet and bag. Does anyone know of a military item appraiser in North Carolina.

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The forum has eliminated outside hosting.All photos must be loaded onto the forum server.The very reason is what has happened to this topic,it is useless without photos. There are threads that explain this and how to add photos.







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