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A B-29 named Acid Test or Assid Test

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A November 21, 1941 a B-29 serial number 42-6278 was shot down over Omura, Japan. None of the following crew survived"


Pilot Capt. Joseph P. Killebrew

Co-Pilot Lt. Paul R. Meeks

Navigator Lt. Emsley M. Eggers

Bombardier Lt. Spirito C. Ovial

Flight Eng. Lt. Earl Heins

Radio Oper. S/Sgt John Normand Jr.

Command Gnr. S.Sgt Edward C. Morrow

R. Gnr. S/Sgt Gail Cornelius

L. Gnr. S/Sgt Vincent W. Sheridan

Tail Gnr. S/Sgt Luther M. Young

Radar Obs. Sgt Gordon E. Chard


What is interesting about this crew and B-29 is that the MACR states that planes nickname as Acid Test. However other sources list it as unnamed or Assid Test. In the same bomb squadron 770th Bomb Squadron, 462th Bomb Group, 58th Bomb Wing. There was a later planed named Assid Test II that was shot down and the MACR for that plane also lists the planes name as Acid Test II. Interesting. Below is page one of the Killebrew crew MACR.


One of the reasons I am posting this is that if any relatives of the above men google their names the will finds this. I am looking for any pictures of the plane or crew. Vincent Sheridan is listed on the memorial wall in my hometown and I and writting a book about all the men. So if you are related to any of the crew please contact me.


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Here's another image of Assid Test II that someone recently posted on Reddit:



Here's a document that gives the sad fates of Assid Test I and II:


From the document:


Assid Test:

Crashed in China Sea from Omura on 11/21/44 due to enemy plane attack

Assid Test II:

(6) Crew Bailed Out and Were Captured and Became POWs. (5) Died in Captivity. hot Down By Anti-Aircraft Fire Over Kyoto Japan and Crashed at Iseda-cho Kyoto Japan While on a Mission on Kobe Japan. (6) Crew Were Killed.


Here's a link to the Reddit discussion on this plane and other planes of the era. It includes more nose art from other planes as well.

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Based on the pin-up art (comely babe viewed from the rear) on the plane, my guess is the name on both aircraft was likely a play on words ASSID TEST = rump Identification. As in: Whose rump is it? Maybe in reference to some of the guys wives.

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