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Honor Guard Black Helmet Liner?

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I would be grateful for any information about this Honor Guard Helmet. I do not know if it was worn as it is or if it is a Liner to a Helmet. It has a 1st Lieutenant Rank on the front, 50 Star Flag on one side and Honor Guard on the other, along with a decal-emblem. I do not know its age, though realize it must be fairly recent, or where or when it would be worn, advice appreciated. Many thanks, Clive.



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Very nice. It's 50s vintage liner. The insignia is that of the US 8th Army, the principal command in Korea. The flag has 50 stars so that means it's post '59.

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Very nice helmet! Danny




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Many thanks Ian and Danny. I have since found a short clip of images and music on YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-2wVgxED2c It is entitled United States Army Eighth Honor Guard, Seoul, Korea 1959. It shows the very same Helmet Liner I have posted and also answers the question if it was worn on its own or wearing under a Helmet. Regards, Clive.

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Nick, D.


I think yours might have been for the guy in the back row!! Just kidding. Can't be many of these out there, so one in any condition I'm sure is a hard find.


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