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27. A. Korps Inf. Kampfschule..Porcelain on Steel Sign


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I found this last year, but have just now been able to buy it from the veteran. It is VERY heavy and is 17 inches by 17 inches in size. I thought it was a cool piece, but I don't know anything about it. Any help with translation and what it was used for would be greatly appreciated. I got it from a 1st Div. veteran, who is 97 years old, other than "I got in Germany and sent it home", he was unable to tell me anything about it. This came from I.B., the same veteran I got the nickle plated Walther pistol.





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Made at the Herman Goring Werk III factory, for the 27th Army Corps, Infantry Combat school. 27th Armeekorps was part of Wehrkreis 7 (military district), primarily covering Bavaria. Grottau was/is in Czechoslovakia. It was likely affixed to a wall on the perimeter of the School, or one of it's buildings.



Mark sends

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