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How Do You Collect

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If it's a combat jacket, I would save money to collect a whole uniform.

If it's a dress jacket, I would go for option 2.

Looking to buy D-Day and 101st/82nd related groupings

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#1...unless I'm planning on doing a mannequin


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To me the jackets are the only things I really like , but I guess it is an OCD thing or something , I must have a shirt and tie .


I document everything that did not come with the jacket. Usually just accesories like a tie or a belt .

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#2 all the way. If you're going to put it on a torso, it's the best looking option in my eyes.


Uniforms shouldn't be stashed away in a closet, what an injustice! Haha

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Always looking for 76th Infantry Division Items and Information!!

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Well, I suppose it depends on what the 'jacket' is, let's say its a WWII "Ike" jacket, then it really needs a shirt and tie to look correct. You don't have to have a shirt and tie for each uniform, one of each (tie and shirt) is fine.

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Start light-heartedly with 1) and fatally end up deeply involved into 3), most of the times.. that's why I stick to GI gear from a very limited period & theater, if I'd should dare starting collecting dress uniforms, for example, I'd end up looking after original desk-boards & chairs from the Pentagon, for correct location.

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I am not interested in just a jacket. I am only interested in the jacket of .... So I would try to find as much as information possible on the owner of the jacket and display that together with the jacket. I only collect 82nd Airborne items.



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I would say option 2 for me, I try to get shirts, ties, trousers, and covers for mine if the jacket didn't already come with them. I personally feel it looks better that way when displayed, especially for dress uniforms.

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If you buy a jacket that you really have to have do you .....


1) be happy with the jacket

2) buy a shirt and tie for display purposes and the SET mentality

3) buy pants shirts and every available option at the time



Yes to all of the above.


I primarily collect ID'd uniforms, so if it only comes with the jacket, then I'm happy with that. If I am taking a photograph or putting it on display and it looks better with a shirt & tie, then I'll add them for the display only. However, if I want to display, for example, a typical soldier in Europe 1945, then I get everything boots, socks, boxers, etc. and decide how to display them.


The concern that I have is that an item not be joined to a grouping by mistake. I don't want to have a shirt and tie join an identified jacket when it never belonged to the vet. Trust me, when you have collected a while or you just get older, it becomes difficult to remember what was part of the origianal group if you merge other pieces into it.


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