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When we Lived in Fear: Atomic Age Popular Culture


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Who better to host an exhibit about Atomic Age popular culture than the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland, Nebraska?


I haven't had a chance to get out there yet, but here is a review from the local paper in Lincoln.




Ironically, the museum is less than 10 miles from one of the first Atlas alert sites.


It looks like they have taken an exhibit which originated in Kansas city and augmented it with materials from their own collection.


A good stop if you are crossing the country on I-80, along with an exceptional exhibit of Cold War aircraft and missiles that used to be on display at Offutt AFB, home of the Strategic Air Command.


The exhibit runs till March 17th.




Photos are from the Lincoln Journal Star, and my collection.

Atomic 1 j.jpg

Atomic 2 j.jpg

Atomic 3 j.jpg

Atomic 4 j.jpg

Atlas D.jpg

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Sky Bird This Is A Test Of The Primary Alerting System Acknowledge Out. I was more afraid of some of my inept fellow crewmembers then the Soviets. We trained hard, partied hard, loved hard and lived in a world where to err was human, to forgive was not SAC policy. Damn Soviets couldn't stay commies long enough for me to get my 20 years in. A lot of people, both military and civilian built a career on the Red Threat. I wonder if it was all just a big game.

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