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Luftwaffe Officer's Sword- From a Vietnam Vet


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This Sword/Saber was given to me by a Vietnam vet I know. So, how did a Vietnam vet end up with a Luft saber? He was a crew chief of a Huey gunship in his time in Vietnam, and had things go wrong more than once. On one occasion he had to fly the chopper home after the pilot was incapacitated, and the only thing he did wrong was bend the skid upon landing. Well after he received a butt chewing for taking control of the aircraft, he was awarded an Air Medal for his actions, but that wasn't why he had the sword.


During his tour this vet's chopper was shot down and the pilot was trapped in the burning helicopter. Risking his own life he went back into the chopper and pulled the pilot out before he burned to death. Well later while on leave the pilot took him to meet his family, where the pilot's father, a WWII vet, gave this vet the saber he brought home from Europe as a sign of gratitude for saving his son. I ended up with it when one day at work I brought in a helmet to show somebody and the vet mentioned he had something I would like and gave me this saber.









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That thing is in amazing condition for a 1st pattern Luft sword. Hanger looks rela nice too. Congrats on receiving a super item with a great story. Document as much as you can and keep it with the sword.

Regards, Mitch

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Document as much as you can and keep it with the sword.

Regards, Mitch


Great idea.I always forget or never think of doing that.

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