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Imperial Navy handbook and stationary


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Lt. Joseph Fitzgerald was a navigator/bombardier in the AAF. He participated in many missions ultimately helping to push the Japanese navy out of Leyte Gulf. On one of the island in Leyte he came across a Japanese encampment which was deserted. He said and I quote "I could have picked up anything I wanted, rifles, helmets, bayonets but for some reason I saw this book and took it." Inside the book I found a piece of stationary, possibly from the ship the sailor was apart of. I'd love to find out what it says but I do not know anyone who speaks or reads Japanese. Its neat flipping through the book because the sailor took notes inside it. Included is a photo of Joe. Unfortunately he passed away a year ago but I got in touch with his daughter and she's donating his uniforms to me. I was lucky to be able to interview and document his stories before he passed.



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