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WWII Mounted Impressions

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Horse Platoon,16th Constabulary Squadron,Berlin,January 1949.

A trooper in preparation for mounted patrol in the Grunewald forest.

The pile cap and M43 jacket are worn in dirty weather.

The field dressing is worn to the rear for mounted troops and a bottle is carried.

The spurs are German surplus and and show up in numerous photos of the Berlin Horse Platoon.

Everything but the gloves is original. The gloves come from MASH Japan and are as close as you can get to real ones.




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The canteen is placed to balance the weight of the pistol. According to a 1948 document in my collection called "The Horse Platoon Soldier" it is for the comfort of the horse and not the rider.






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Great stuff. Is there a manual or another source that lists the special gear used by mounted troops during this time period? Great pics and even better gear and uniforms Super collection.



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Thanks for the kind words, i feel like a one man band on the topi of the cold war cavalry but still i push on.


The last TO and E for Constabulary horse platoons was updated in 1947.


I recently tracked down a snazzy little documented called "the Horse Platoon soldier" published by OMGUS in 1948 and it lists a few uniform particulars for "horsemen".


Chris Fischer of F Troop Company LLC has been invaluable in helping me track down information including the TO and E.


For the most part the equipped is pretty standard with the exception of boots,breeches and spurs.


Strange things happen within the TO and E though such as 45 Field and Cargo pack and a machete.


If i get a chance i will scan The Horse Platoon Soldier,it is full of information that i have not found elsewhere.

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