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CZ 27 Pistol that I never knew existed until 2009.

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I was sitting at our Thanksgiving family reunion in 2009 and somehow was talking about pistols with my cousin, she lives alone and her dad had given her one for protection. I ask her what kind it was, her response "I don't know, it was one Uncle Dent brought back from the war and sold to daddy back in the 1960's for $25". The Uncle that brought it back is the person who sparked my interest in military items when I was 10 years old, he would drag out the footlocker, let me handle stuff and tell me about it. I have most of his things and until 2009 never knew this pistol existed. This was almost 40 years since I first opened his footlocker. I explained to her that it had some value and I would buy it or replace it with another pistol. I told her the main thing was to try and keep all of my Uncle's things together. She gave me the pistol and holster, you can see the snap is gone on the holster and he "repaired" it himself. It is fully marked and all the numbers match on it.








Always looking for 70th Division(The Trailblazers) items or photos.

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So that's a Czech-made pistol pressed into service by the Germans in WW2?

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There are still an amazing amount of WWII enemy weapons stashed away. Last year I was called in to do a pick at the home of a career Navy pilot who had passed away. After I spent a few hours finding interesting militaria all over the place, his daughter opened a closet and pulled out an Arisaka rifle (I see three or four of those coming out of the woodwork every year) and a shotgun with a wooden WWII Japanese surrender tag.

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Does it have German acceptance stamps (Waffen Amt) to indicate its date of manufacture? Any markings on the holster?


A vet of OSS in Italy once told me that these were in demand as hide-out pistols -- in a pocket, not a holster -- because there was nothing on them to snag on clothing.

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Those are nice guns...I had one in great shape (with waffenamts)....until someone stole it when they broke into my apartment at Keesler AFB in the summer of 1987.


Mark sends

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Nice early CZ27 made after the German occupation under German supervision. I can see a Waffenamt on the front holster flap. (I would assume you will see one on the right slide as well) The GI added a little personalization "leather toggle work" on the flap also. This was done to enhance the looks as well as to ID them as theirs.


Nice true GI bring back.



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Very interesting. Thanks for showing. Danny




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