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ARVN Major Rank

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I am unsure on what rank this is. I will really appreciate any help. Thank You


Always Looking to buy:

Larger groupings or collections

Larger photo or letter groupings or collections

Hats, Helmets, Uniforms

I would be interested in items from any time era and both US militaria and foreign militaria. Please PM me if you have anything.

Thank You

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That looks like an RVN army officer rank for 2nd Lt. It appears you have the original plastic clutches for it as well. I don't know if the bar at the bottom means anything else.





Exhausting & Dirty Work

Interested in buying identified or re-searchable Korean War uniforms, groupings, medals and more.

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The colors of the metal have significance. The Army used a silver blossom over a gold bar. The VNAF switched the colors, circa 1970, to gold blossom over silver bar, and the Natl Police used all silver (usually affixed to green "sliders").

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